Varras Boals

Costas Varras is a guitarist, songwriter & a band leader. His musical style is a blend of Metal & Classical music. He was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. He started playing electric guitar when he was about 12 years old and by age 13 he started taking guitar lessons at a conservatory in Athens. He spent 12 years in education for music and in 2008 he graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA. He started playing shows with his band in Athens in 2001 and in 2006 he moved to Los Angeles to pursuit his career in music! In 2001 he had a self-release Demo (7 tracks) under the name of “Perpetual” which was also his band’s name. In 2004 Sonic Age Records released his first solo Album “Overlord’s Perpetual”. In 2009 Costas went to Kent, England to record his second solo album with the legendary Producer Chris Tsangarides. These recordings were never released though. Years later in 2015 he worked again with his old time friend Bob Katsionis on new music and in 2018 Symmetric Records finally released Costas Varras’s second solo album entitled “Neon-Classical”. At the moment Costas Varras is working on his 3rd solo Album and now LION MUSIC is about to release his new single featuring the great American singer Mark Boals!!

“Rock You Hard” is the brand new single of Costas Varras featuring the legendary American singer Mark Boals(ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire, ex Uli Jon Roth etc.) Costas composed the music and he wrote the lyrics for this song. The final production happened  in August 2020 at LP Studios owned by Leonidas Petropoulos who also played the Bass and the Keyboards for this track. Also a guest appearance by Fotis Benardo on the Drums. 

This song is gonna be included on Costas’s 3rd solo Album which is in progress at the moment.                              

“Rock You Hard” can be characterized as a Mix of American Hard Rock with a European style interlude guitar part in the middle of the song. Costas had the idea for this song back in 2007. He was at an airport in Germany and he wrote some of the Lyrics there. This song is about a friend of his from Los Angeles who wanted to become a Rock Star but his girlfriend couldn’t keep up with his dream and they finally broke up. Costas dedicates this song to those who want to become Rock Stars but they are having problems with their girlfriends! Costas did the demo for this song back then but he didn’t finish with the whole thing till 2019 when he recorded it at his Home Studio. Costas loves this song and it brings him back memories from his early years in Hollywood..