Coyote’s Arrow – Aho


Coyote’s arrow consist of three veteran musicians and three of the younger generation. Stavros X (vocals) and Dimitris Manthos (guitars), two ex Deus ex Machina and Eva Kolomvou (Nonmandol, Lunacy Booth, Soul resistance) join forces with Maria Kessoglou (bass), Eftychia Manthou (vocals) and Giorgos Kalofoutis (guitars) offering for about five years pure punk n roll with desert rock aura and a clear sociopolitical position for the unfair reality we live in. “AHO” follows their “Desert” EP, and in just 32 minutes contains everything they represent.

The southern blues introduction of “Operator” and the howling of the coyote put the listener in a cool climate. What follows then is a combination of punk rhythm with the aggressive-abusive style of Stavros X’s vocals giving the mark. The self-titled “Coyote’s Arrow” is extremely melodic with an incredibly catchy chorus. “Insane” is playful but its escalation reminded me of Jello Biafra / Dead Kennedys (Stavros-Eftychia share vocals). “Reborn” is the coolest moment of the album, with the noisy “Rage” busting and provoking mosh-pit and panic scenes at the band’s live set. “Go down” is in itself a reason for listening to “AHO”. With duration of more than 9 minutes, it concerns the refugees and is the finest hard –rocking track on the album. Rhythmical guitars and a heartbreaking solo for a song that sounds like a sibling of the recent Beggars release (“The day I lost my head”). “Testify” at the end is another very good aggressive-style song.

The partnership of people on both sides of the (personal) psychological limit of 40 years, gives the result of a dynamic combination of freshness and experience. Coyote’s Arrow is a band that has character and soul. Join them (AHO – “We’re All One” as the Indians said) and you are a winner!