Crazy Lixx – Crazy Lixx


I really didn’t know what to expect from Crazy Lixx’s new album. All their releases are excellent albeit diverse. Sometimes in powerful hard rock forms (like “Loud Minority” & “Riot Avenue”) and sometimes more melodic (the amazing “New Religion”). When I saw that the title of the album bears the name of the band, I assumed that they wanted to make a fresh start with a fresh sound. But with the first listen of the album I was relieved and excited all together.

Crazy Lixx seems to have decided that the sound that suits them best is a sound similar to “New Religion”. Explosive hard rock with amazing melodies and incredible hooks! And this is what we get in this album. Hooks, hooks and then some more hooks for your pleasure! What more should I tell you about the new album? Almost every song is a hit! We are talking about one of the best albums in the hard rock genre this year. It is almost impossible to pick a standout track. The first single “Hell Raising Women” triggers and there is no pull thereafter! The re-recorded version of one of the band’s biggest hits (“Heroes Are Forever” from “Loud Minority”) fits perfectly.
I really cannot recommend this album high enough. For fans of hard rock this is a “Buy or die” situation!