Crazy Lixx – Sound Of The Live Minority


I don’t really know how important is nowadays the release of a live album but the truth is that back in the day it was almost imperative for every hard rock outfit out there to come up with a live album most likely as a break or as a bridge in between studio releases. Whatever the case might be, Crazy Lixx had managed to establish a well-respected name and their last studio, self-titled effort is already regarded a classic almost on par with the magnificent “New Religion” album. In essence “Sound Of The Live Minority” marks the end of an era for the band as it captures the last ever performance of guitarist Andreas Zata Eriksson who consequently left the band. The live recordings were made during Crazy Lixx’ appearance at the prestigious Bang Your Head Festival in Germany last summer and the production was handled by Chris Laney.

“Sound Of The Live Minority” is more or less a best of package as it includes all the hits of Crazy Lixx past albums in quite truthful renditions and without much studio interference by Laney. This is after all the big asset of the album as it is a raw testament of the band’s energy with the aid of a hit after hit arsenal: “Blame It On Love”, “Lock Up Your Daughters”, “Hell Raising Women”, “21 Til I Die” and many other leaves the listener wanting more and more!

With H.E.A.T. being on a break and Crashdiet in search (once again) for a singer, Crazy Lixx holds high the flag of Hard Rock for Sweden together with Eclipse and why not Dynazty that is…

Highlight: It seems that the recent turmoil with the line-up changes turned in favor of Crazy Lix…time will tell!