Crimson Fire – Fireborn


The Greek metal outfit Crimson Fire returns after 6 years of absence (4 if we count the self financed cd-r Fire in the Sky EP). During these years the band was kept busy by playing various live shows that showcased its improvement in comparison with the Metal is Back debut album. And this is obvious in the Fireborn cd as expected. The band has elevated in terms of musicianship and song writing without compromising its musical identity which was created by combining N.W.O.B.H.M. with the sound of the American legends Riot. The album is full of memorable heavy power songs which generate an uplifting feeling. The production is treading along the fine line between the vintage and the contemporary, everything come out clear and balanced without deliberate retro attempts or out of place modern elements. The relatively small duration contributes to consecutive spins which don’t reveal any drawbacks of the album, enhancing the effect of some songs instead.

Fireborn has nothing to be envious about when compared to contemporary albums by foreign groups which are constantly being appraised by the entire underground metal community. On the contrary it stands higher than many of them.