Crypt Trip – Rootstock


Listening to “Heartslave” for the first time, I thought we were dealing with another 70’s retro rock band, who adores Led Zeppelin. Not with the accuracy of Greta van Fleet but obviously influenced. Already at the first hearing, I was disproved. Until “Rootstock” (the second album of the Texas trio) arrived to its end, the Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad and Jimi Hendrix paraded. Inspired psychedelic rock that combines various sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Limited vocals, bass that hits you on the head (Geezer Butler like), fuzzy guitars, and long solos define the style of the album. This is the success of this effort, the great variety, the switching of sounds that makes the listening exciting, without getting tired by the absence of many vocals and choruses…

Excellent sample of a new hard rock band. “Aquarena Daydream” is an epic.