Crypta – Echoes Of The Soul


Crypta is a new band in the music scene Crypta, which were founded in 2019 by two former members of Nervosa. Of course, 2020 is the year when they actually left, so things were probably starting to break down inside the band earlier than we learned. Looking forward after that, the guitarist and founding member of Nervosa Prika Amaral formed an international line-up (which also includes Greek Eleni Nota on drums) and released this year the very good “Perpetual Chaos”.

As for Crypta? They were formed by bassist/singer Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto. Tainá Bergamaschi took over one guitar while the only non-Brazilian, Sonia “Anubis” Nusselder (Cobra Spell, ex-Burning Witches) from The Netherlands took the second. The band was preparing us with their statements about old-school death metal, something that apparently is not so true.

And not for the old-school, but for the pure death metal part of the case. Crypta of course play extreme but I would say that one of the main elements of their music is thrash metal. The structures and style of the tracks (largely fast ones) are very similar of Nervosa and it’s perfectly normal, since Fernanda Lira has been with the band since 2011 (a year after its foundation) and has released three albums with them. The same goes for her vocals, since she hasn’t changed them much. Aside from some occasional growls, she uses her classic screams that we are used to.

So, we find a mixture of thrash, death and black metal in “Echoes Of The Soul” with some heavy touches to some guitar melodies and solos (almost certainly ideas of Sonia Anubis) which if someone asked me to put them under a sub-genre, I would I generally called it extreme metal. And of course this is not a bad thing, since it seems that Crypta from the start managed to put all their influences together and create their own sound.

The production is awesome without being polished, the compositions easily make you start banging your head (either in the fast or in the mid-tempo spots) and the technical level of the musicians does not go unnoticed with Luana Dametto stealing the show several times. A very good album of extreme metal which I will personally add to my collection as soon as possible.