Crystal Viper - The Cult

The Polish band is well known in heavy metal for being serious, committed and consistent in their releases, the quality of which is on the rise.

After a small deviation, that was completed on the previous album “ Tales of Fire and Ice “, the band returns to its familiar style playing old school heavy metal with catchy melodic riffs and ear friendly melodies and… the wildcat Marta Gabriel screaming on each song like it’s her last. Also, as always, she is giving her best on guitars as well with impressive but at the same time effective playing. The fast songs takes the lion’s share on the album, but it’s the mid-tempo ones that steal the show in the end. Sleeping Giants”, “Whispers From Beyond” and “The Calling” are gigantic songs – tailored for a stage. Especially on the last one Marta sounds so epic, and it suits her.

Another merit of “The Cult” is the amazing production, which must be the best we’ve heard on a Crystal Viper so far. Finally, we shouldn’t forgot to mention that for a band nowadays is so crucial to maintain a level of quality despite the continuous releases that are out on a devastating pace. One album every two years is fast, but they manage to make it work. Well done and… keep it up!