Cyanide 4 – Nekyia


I’ve been following Cyanide 4 since its inception and via the various columns in Rockpages we had urged you quite some times to take a good listen to this band because they totally deserve it! You see, it’s not an everyday thing here in Greece to be treated with such remarkable bunch of songs that have absolutely nothing to be jealous of from all the other releases from abroad. And if their EP and “Everyday is a Masquerade” gave you a first hint for what you are about to receive from Cyanide 4 then “Nekyia” shows exactly the way in regards with how the band should sound in the years to come. What do I mean…?

Well, “Nekyia” may embodies all the usual sonic elements of Cyanide 4 (meaning something in between Crashdiet, Misfits and 90s era Metallica) but this time around things are being evolved in a more frenzy, rock n’ roll and definitely darker route! Cyanide 4 leaves you under the impression that is more hungry than ever in order to achieve the best they can and all the songs have definitely something to say! From the opening track “Restless” and the catchy “Getaway” up to the old school number “Lucky 13” and the absolute gem “Amphetamine Dreans”, Cyanide 4 offers a plethora of rich and inspired riffs, unique energy and most importantly qualitative songs!

I sincerely hope that the band won’t take took long next time to offer a studio album…after all, we are in need of such releases in this time and age.
Highlight: Nekyia was an ancient Greek ritual practice. Surely, some food for thought in here…