According to NME Bob Daisley sued Ozzy Osbourne and his company, Blizzard Music Limited, seeking $2 million for unpaid royalties. Specifically, the bassist demands royalties from “Crazy Train” a song he co-wrote with Ozzy and the late guitarist Randy Rhoads. As you definitely remember this is not the first time that the Madman and his ex-band members go to court for unpaid royalties. The difference this time is that Osbourne and his company was cutting the payments sort. “While Mr. Osbourne was benefiting from the songs co-authored by our client, the audit shows that he was systematically short-changing Mr. Daisley,” lawyer Alan Howard who is representing Bob Daisley said. “Mr. Daisley had no choice but to bring this action to secure his fair share of the proceeds those songs have generated” the lawyer concluded.