Dalton – Pit Stop


Dalton is an AOR  Swedish band that started at the end of the 80’s.They have worked with Jon Bon Jovi  at their debut album in which he wrote the track which they became for, ‘’You’re not my lover’’.

“Pit Stop” was released by Frontiers Records on October 17th, 2014 and is the third album of the band after an absence of 25 years. Luckily, this absence was not that bad for them because the new album shows many signs of hard work and finds them in an uplifting mood.

“Pit Stop” reminded me of the 80’s era, something that becomes more evident as you move further on the tracks. I am not sure which songs are the best of the album yet, since each one separately is catchy enough. One thing is for sure though that no fan of hard rock music can leave out the big hits “Up & Down” and “Bad Love”.

In the period of 2014 were released great albums of old and new bands so the situation was competitive for all the bands and, unfortunately, I do not believe that Dalton will be at the top 10 of the year.