Danger Angel – Revolutia


Second album for Danger Angel that marks some big changes in the band, compared to their debut album three years ago. The new singer is no big news anymore, since the band played a lot of gigs with its new lineup, but what draws attention is the radical change in musical direction.

On their debut we had a pure melodic rock album with visible influences, therefore it was easy to tag the album  as such. However, “Revolutia” is a totally different story. So different that if you don’t know that this is Danger Angel, you might think that this is another band, and certainly not Greek. Honestly, it’s not easy to put a tag on this album, without this being something negative, actually on the contrary is rather positive. The only similarities I can find with their debut is their great attention to detail, their well crafted compositions, and their amazing playing. Apart from those their sound is fresh, contemporary, and it certainly comes from the other side of the Atlantic coast. Melodies have the first role on each song, and you can tell right away that this is first class quality work. One of the most important things about “Revolutia” is that it won’t let you pigeonhole it. It moves towards several directions, without any of them being one way.

The singer issue that hurt the band a lot in the past is solved in the best way with Minas Tsiggos, who performs quite convincingly every song on the album. What is also impressive is the atmosphere of the album, a result of the excellent production (by Jeff Scott Soto), which makes you listen to “Revolutia” again and again.

Let’s wish the guys good luck for their upcoming European tour supporting Jeff Scott Soto, that will actually stop in Greece for two dates, on April 25th and 26th in Thessaloniki and Athens respectively.