All the trivia connoisseurs and the die hard fans of the melodic rock genre will most likely remember –even vaguely- Danger Zone’s name that made its first appearance in the 80s. The Italian outfit may have not made a significant commercial breakthrough with their EP but they have definitely gained some rave reviews from the global press. Since then, nobody heard anything from them and the quickly disappeared from the music scene. So, the news of their return was a pleasant and unexpected surprise for all of us.
“Line of Fire” is like the natural follow-up release of the 1984’ EP “Victim of Time”…Danger Zone seem oblivious to any modern influence (that’s really good, by the way) and doesn’t make use of the tools of the modern technology in the production department (that suits me fine, as well…) thus offering a nostalgic record full of bombastic songs. The melody in the compositions reigns and if you like bands like Aviator, Giuffria, Channel etc. then you should check out “Line of Fire”.
Highlight: The cover version of T Rex’ “Children of the Revolution”.