Fate has it that DangerAngel release each album with a different singer. After Jimmy Cage and Minas Tsigos the band introduced Brazilian BJ in their third studio album.

The band follows the style and attitude of the previous album “Revolutia”. “All King’s Horses” is dark, gloomy and modern showing once more how much the band has evolved its sound, playing, composing abilities and arrangements – that sometimes are those that steal the show. Of course, the melodic element is king, the songs’ speed is high and they sound a bit heavier than before. Also, there is no doubt that BJ is the best vocalist the band ever had with his great voice and amazing performance in every twist and turn of “All King’s Horses”. The production couldn’t have been an ally to an effort like this with it richness that supports ideally the band’s impressive ideas.

The truth is that on this album DangerAngel loose the surprise element that they had on “Revolutia”, because when we were listening to it a few years ago we didn’t expect a transformation like this. Now, we know, but still the band maintains a great level of quality that maybe betters “Revolutia”. Finally, although the album sounds solid there are still some “different” bits and pieces here and there proving that evolution and experimenting never stop in the DangerAngel camp.