Music activity in Greece is mainly controlled and maintained by what one call ‘standard bands’. We have highlighted seven or eight bands which will attract people every time they visit and their audience will not think twice about seeing them regardless the ‘crisis’ or other problems that have been torturing the country. 

Bands like Paradise Lost, Blind Guardian, Opeth and so on….have a very strong bond with the Greek audience and honor us with their regular performances. I intentionally left Anathema out. They are too among the ‘Greek-friendly’ bands and apart from the concerts they have had here; they also visit us with several special events.

Hence, it goes without saying that this mini acoustic tour of the ‘brain’ of the band Daniel Cavanagh titled “Memory & Meaning” would stop at our country too. The night at Bullet Club began with an exceptional musician, Elena Malamou, who was an ideal choice to warm up the audience that stormed into the packed club. Unfortunately, she played only one song from her career, entitled “Candle Light Thoughts”. I say unfortunately, because she is an absolutely great songwriter! The other songs she played were cover tunes by such bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers (Road Trippin”), Joan Baez (Diamonds And Rust), Fleetwood Mac (Big Love), House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), Nine Inch Nails (Hurt) και Simon & Garfunkel (Sound Of Silence). It was an excellent performance which received a warm applause by the people who were there.


The next in line were The Delay, a band that I had never come across before. It’s a three-member band (for this line-up at least) with guitar, bass and drums who played some of their own songs as well as some covers. It was not a bad performance, but I cannot say that I was thrilled.

Daniel Cavanagh stepped onto the stage at 23.10’, a rather convenient time if we think back about what happens in similar concerts. He presented a ninety-minute set playing the acoustic guitar and synth with songs mainly by Anathema as well as other well-known and favorite to the audience songs such as “Wish You Were There” (introduction song), “Wasted Years”, “Enjoy The Silence”, “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “High Hopes”. The people under the stage cheered at the sound of every song being led by the extremely communicative Daniel. We also listened to his new song “The Exorcist” which made a great impression. I should not forget to mention Daniel’s dedication of “One Last Goodbye” to the tragically lost children of Syria. The pre-recorded parts which were used enhanced in a most beautiful way all his songs. It was a rather interesting and beautiful night and I believe that there was not even one unsatisfied soul.

Text: Dimitris Kazantzis

Photos: Jeana Halee (Elena Malamou), Dimitris Kazantzis (Daniel Cavanagh)

Setlist: Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Fragile Dreams, Deep, Temporary Peace, Ariel, Inner Silence, One Last Goodbye, Are You There?, The Exorcist, Wasted Years (Iron Maiden), Electricity, Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode), Untouchable 2, Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles) , High Hopes (Pink Floyd)