I must admit that I was disappointed by the Canadian super rawker and his latest album releases. Of course, the movie like music videos and the famous guests, like Elijah Wood, Selma Blair and Lemmy on “Full Of Regret” and a couple of good songs don’t cut for an entire album. Personally, after “Never Too Loud” in 2008 I haven’t enjoyed a Danko Jones album… until I listened to “Fire Music” and the fire it started was big!

On his seventh album with a new drummer, Rich Knox, and still stuck to the power trio format Danko shows us how it’s done. Of course, the pedal is pushed to the metal, while the speed and pace don’t slow down not even by accident, but what’s most important of all is that most of the songs gets the listener’s attention at once. And you know very well that this is a very crucial point for any album, always was, forever will be. So, crazy Danko and company don’t only rely to their… 35 minute karate- style rock’n’roll, but also on some great songs like “Wild Woman”, “The Twisting Knife”, “Body Bags” and “Piranha” that will put your speakers to a test.

Fortunately, the Canadian redeems himself with this album, right at the point where I thought that rock stardom, his radio shows, his lectures, the awards, and the articles he’s still writing on various magazines had quenched his thirst, but as he proves with this album he’s still got the touch and the ability to write good music and support the rock persona that he created for himself.