3 rockers, the stage, the crowd and the hot (?) German… sun! Danko Jones in broad daylight at the world’s biggest open air music festival in the world… it might not sound ideal but the Canadian manages to keep everyone on their toes from the very first second.

With no big production, stage props, fires, effects, or any other contraption this killer trio delivers with an amazing bunch of songs, both older ones: “Forget My Name”, “Lovercall”, ” Full of Regret”, as well as brand new ones: : “The Twisting Knife”, “Do You Wanna Rock” from the amazing “Fire Music” album. Except from Danko himself, who is the bars the band’s name his two side men John “JC” Calabrese on bass and Rich Knox on drums create the bass for the devastating rock’n’roll this power trio brings to the world.

Several members of the audience know songs from the setlist and sing along, while some others wear Danko Jones t-shirts, with the highlight of course being the crowd surfing girls with their muddy boots, because make no mistake you might see the sun shining on your screen but the specific Wacken Festival was very rainy and well… muddy!

This is a superb performance totally characteristic of what Danko Jones is all about which comes with a bunch of extra goodies such as the track-by-trackcommentary, an exclusive backstage interview with Jones and his spoken word performance from the 2012 Wacken Festival, where he talks about his favourite band, which is… well, we don’t want to spoil it for you!