Glenn Danizg will release a new album, “Black Ladden Crown”, his first featuring original material in 7 years on May 12th. “Skeletons”, a covers album was released in between including covers from artists like Elvis Presley, ZΖ Top, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, The Troggs, The Everly Brothers among others, that was disappointing. The only information we have about the new album is that it contains 50 minutes and its cover that you can see in the photo. The details of “Black Laden Crown” follow on the announcement of Danzig’s Blackest of the Black Festival: Two days of non-stop music and mayhem taking place at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA on May 26th and 27th. Danzig will close the festivities May 27th, headlining a bill featuring more than 20 artists playing amidst a full scale takeover and transformation of the park grounds featuring literally dozens of attractions, vendors, performers, and other surprises musical and otherwise.

Blackest Of The Black promises to create a site-wide atmosphere like no festival before or since. A full rundown of performers and attractions will be announced shortly. Check www.BlackestFest.com for tickets, news, and further details as they are confirmed.
Additionally, this summer marks the 25th Anniversary of the classic “Danzig Iii: How The Gods Kill”. Produced by Danzig himself and featuring the unforgettable cover adorned by H.R. Giger’s Meister und Margeritha (The Master and Margarita), “How The Gods Kill” was the first Danzig album to crack Billboard’s Top 30 and inspired Rolling Stone to rave in its review at the time, “Rock is alarmingly short of visionaries these days; Danzig is the genuine article.”

Danzig will be performing a limited number of shows this summer, commemorating the occasion with live performances of numerous songs from “How The Gods Kill”