Dare – Road To Eden


Quality. That’s the first word that comes toy your mind every single time you put on a new album by Dare. “Road To Eden” is simply another exemplar case to this unwritten rule that was established by the British outfit a long time ago. But the most striking and impressive thing -at least, to me personally- is the fact that Dare has managed to retain a high level from a compositional and performing standpoint while at the same time never failing to leave their unique stamp on the musical map. In other words, it takes only a few seconds to realize that what you are listening to is a song by Dare and I guess that says is all, especially in this time and age.

“Road To Eden” comes right after the respectable “Out Of The Silence 2” and I’d say that the biggest difference this time around, compared not only to its predecessor but with the three previous efforts, is that the new album rocks harder without losing the trademark Celtic and atmospheric (almost moody) references. In addition, “Road To Eden” leaves you under the impression that the songs were written with the goal of being presented in a live circuit as they display a clear energetic and powerful feeling. This is definitely yet another differential point.

Once again, Darren Wharton and Vinny Burns stand out with their overall presence and performance and it would be a mishap if we didn’t point out that Wharton’s production skills absolutely shine on “Road To Eden” as the sound is crystal clear thus bringing out the best elements of each new composition. Without any doubt the new Dare album is yet another great record that hopefully it will prove to be another modern classic.

Highlight: Dare has announced a British tour for October.