Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to their debut so far. I must admit, I had no idea this band existed until I got that one for reviewing. When I put it on and pushed play, I suffered the same thing one does when a new band meets the “play” button. “Hey, that reminds me… That, that note now… This particular theme doesn’t resemble…”. You know how it goes, right? It’s that wave of stupidity that hits us like a Gibbs headslap, when it comes to Greek bands, as if foreign ones are filled with fresh ideas. At that point I just shut my kisser and put the album all over again…
Epical, pure Epic Metal, featuring lyrical elements and high freq vocals. American Power Metal, NWOBHM… It also reminded me a bit of Crimson Glory and the EP Queensryche as well as the mighty Greek element. Trio is playing hardball, guitars are barbaric and the production is almost “old school”, it’s a trip to the middle of the 80’s.
I would like to focus on a magical instrumental though. Guitars and keys alone, no reverb, no fuzz… A theme that would easily be a part of the “Crimson Idol” saga, no matter how extreme this phrase sounds. That four minute long piece, “The art of dreaming”, is an inspiration oasis. “Sometimes” is next, based on the same chords, featuring a mighty riff… Legendary Greek band Marauder would really be proud of this group that is holding the flag of Epical/Lyrical sound high.
“Tears”, the ballad of the album, is equally lyrical, it’s an opportunity for the voice to flirt with extremity, even exaggerate. It’s passion, it’s simple, it’s working.
The last song of the bouquet is a cover on “The Wizard”, originally by Uriah Heep. There is a difference, after the intro, the sound of the guitar is not clean, it’s got high gear and reverb. Same vox gate reverb, same delay. Pretty cool, the guys respect the beast. We’d like to wish the gents best of luck and a GREat livenight at the Up The Hammers festival!