Dark Sarah – Behind The Black Veil


Dark Sarah are one of the thousands, probably, female symphonic fronted metal bands in Finland, something which makes the band’s effort to excel out of their country considerably difficult.

The very first attempt of the band with their album “Behind The Black Veil” leaves me with a positive reaction. The subject of this concept album is the suicidal thoughts of a woman who has been abandoned by her husband for somebody else. Musically, “Behind The Veil” vividly resembles the work of Dark Sarah’s compatriot and also highly distinguished Tarja Turunen. Listening to the album, one could almost swear that the excellent voice of Heidi Parviainen (Ensiferum, Amberian Dcown, Eternal Tears of Sorrow) is actually one of Tarja’s projects; and if that’s the case, then it’s good news. The total of fourteen songs may seem too many but the majority of them are very good and not only are they harmonically connected with the concept but also support one another in the music essence. There is also a theatrical element to the sound of the album, equivalent of Tarja’s first personal releases- fact which supports my positive thoughts.

I consider it absolutely normal, up to a point, when the first project of a band reveals the influences which the musicians have had; it happens to everyone.

One of the highlights of this album is the participation of Manuela Kraller, Inga Scharf and Tony Kakko; the band should be feeling quite honored by this.
“Behind The Veil” is a worthy album and it signifies a bright future for Dark Sarah as far as I am concerned. The musicians, however, would strengthen the band’s impact if they reinforced their personal elements to a greater degree in future releases.