Darkology – Fated To Burn


This is the second Darkology album, six years after their promising debut, “Altered Reflections”. The band from Texas keeps playing American metal with progressive touches often bringing in mind Metal Church, Sanctuary and even Helstar.

It’s very important for a band that releases good albums to raise the bar from one album to the next, and that’s what Darkology do maintaining their style and quality from their debut album and pushing the envelope a bit further.

Kelly “Sundown” Carpenter’s performance is breathtaking to say the least with his high vocals, singing with intensity and passion like every song is his last one. The atmosphere on “Fated To Burn” is dark and menacing with Chris Tsangarides’ production bringing out the album’s qualities. The songs are very good overall and metalheads who give the album a listen will appreciate their class, although my objection it that there is a couple of them that could have been sorter in duration.

Stand out tracks: “Kill Me If You Can”, “Quantum Genocide” and “Fated To Burn”.