Dave Ellefson reveals how the new Megadeth album sounds like


“It’s definitely not in the ‘Super Collider’ vein. I think it’s ‘Dystopia’, and even way past that. It is a very technically challenging record. Dave Mustaine and I agree that there are riffs on this record that are way harder to play than any of the stuff on ‘Rust In Peace’. It is an insanely progressive record.

“I remember when I was a kid and heard Geddy Lee and Neil Peart play something inhumanly impossible,” he continued. “I had that same feeling now on our record with  Dirk Verbeuren. It lit me up. I was, like, ‘Holy shit! This is a moment that I have never felt or experienced until now.’ Who knows? Maybe I needed to be 55 years old to experience and accomplished it with a seasoned guy like Dirk. That’s the emotion, fucking fire, and spirit that I have around this new record.”

David added: “If you liked ‘Dystopia’, this CD will not let you down.”