In a recent interview on eonmusic, David Coverdale revealed that there are plans for reissuing “Restless Heart”, originally released in 1997, as well as his album with Jimmy Page, “Coverdale/Page”, from 1993.

“When were finishing off David Coverdale’s solo album, the new powers that be at EMI flew to Reno and sat me down and said; “we want this to be a Whitesnake record”, and I said; “it’s mad! Some tracks are very rocky, but it’s more like, soulful”. So, we did the best we could in terms of the mix, and then they agreed to do ‘David Coverdale & Whitesnake’. That’s how it started; we turned up Adrian’s guitars, and the drums, and then I was unhappy with the mastering, sadly, so it was a frustrating record for me.”

“We’ve been tweaking that in the studio, and it’s going to be mastered soon for vinyl. The box set of that’s going to be, I think, May / June next year. It’s fucking kick-ass, and when we rerelease it, it IS going to be under Whitesnake’; it’s not going to be that ridiculous ‘David Coverdale & Whitesnake’. We’ve embellished it so much with Joel Hoekstra and with Derek Sherinian, and it’s much tougher; it’s much more Whitesnake. I don’t have that confusion of half a David Coverdale album.”

Talking about the “Coverdale/Page” album he also revelaed: “I think you’re in for some nice surprises. Jimmy and I have been talking about it, and we’ll have the original album remastered, and we’ve got a bunch of songs we didn’t release, and I videoed most of the writing and recording scenario, and all the way to the shows in Osaka and stuff, so, there’s a shit load of content. But one of the things I suggested to him, I said; “why don’t you do a Jimmy Page mix on the record, and I’ll do a David Coverdale mix, and let the fans just get Jimmy’s perspective, and mine.”

However, if you are already drooling over the Jimmy Page/David Coverdale album reissue it will not be