The majority of the solo album has been completed. “It’s all pretty much written, although the last few days a few new ideas have come about,” David Reece stated. “I work with Mario Percudani on vocals here in Italy at his studio called Tanzan studios; he’s really got a great ear, and understanding of me as a singer. We’ve done numerous albums together so I fully believe in him.”
A late spring 2018 release is being targeted by the former ACCEPT singer for “Mavericks”. “I am currently recording the second SAINTED SINNERS album and it’s slated for mid-February 2018 on El Puerto Records,” David said. “I don’t want release dates too close to each other for a number of reasons. One of course is press because a lot of media has an eight week lead time, so timing is absolutely everything.”
A solo album contract has not been signed at the time of writing. “I’ve got offers now, and I am still waiting on some others to reply,” David informs. “Oh yeah, and while doing all this I’ve been asked to be part of a sort of super group. I know how it sounds, but it’s with some of rock’s legends. I am writing for that as well, but not sure when it’ll be released? I forgot to mention I also am guesting on Christian Tolle’s next album and have recorded three tracks for it and I’m also writing lyrics for some of the other singers that will be on it. The release date will be sometime 2018.