De Van is surely a peculiar and puzzled case. To tell you the truth, I am not sure at all if I can pass a negative or a positive judgement on them, if I can evaluate them with a positive or a negative mark for the overall musical statement of their which cannot be easily categorized or If I should really pay attention to all that stuff. Personally, I wasn’t won over by their songs but I was definitely confused over them. De Van is melodic, modern, blends pop rock with industrial and modern metal and all in manages (or fails) to sound at times like Marilyn Manson, Puddle of Mud or even a harsher hybrid of Muse!

On a quite positive note is the inspired themes of the songs and the clever structure of the lyrics that set off a pessimistic mood covered in a sarcastic and uplifting veil of compositions. All in all though, this vast and diverse quantity of songs comes out like an uneven bunch of tracks glued together from various records of many genres.

Highlight: One cannot pass on the wonderful cover sleeve…


De Van