Dead Cross – Dead Cross


For the first time since their time together in Fantômas, the drummer that is synonymous with thrash metal and the man with a thousand voices regroup once more. Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton, two musicians whose careers are enough to make someone interested in checking out Dead Cross, but won’t help this mediocre effort from being quickly forgotten.

Reading a little bit about the story behind the project, the critique above starts to make more sense: A side project by members of other Ipecac (Patton’s label) bands, the singer left, the general took the mic in his hands at the last minute with all the songs being written and just had time to change the lyrics. As far as the drumming goes, the conventional hardcore of Dead Cross essentially demands a certain style, so having Lombardo play his ass off for 27 minutes, a couple less than ‘Reign in Blood’, seems to be excessive and not taking full advantage of his presence.

Hopefully these two legends will work together in another project, this time with someone capable of writing some riffs.