Dead Feathers – All Is Lost


We first listened to Dead Feathers (from Chicago) five years ago when they released “Dead Feathers” 10″ EP but it seems they took it slowly until they release their first full length album. But it was something worth waiting for because this is a good album that take us on a nice 42 minute long journey and keep us interested through out the 8 tracks.

The first thing that stands is Marissa Allen. Her vocals are great no matter if she moves on warm paths or high pitch pitch on fast driven tracks.

But this band isn’t just the vocals, guitar riffing is proper and lead the compositions while having nice fuzz and groove. If I have to label the band I would say they are part of the psychedelic rock scene with various heavy rock elements here and there that keep the listener awake (on a side note I’d prefer some of the slower tracks on side B mixed with the first ones for better balance). The final result is positive, you get lost on a misty (but at the same time delightful) field without getting bored as I catched myself nodding following the rhythm.

I also liked the production, proper, kind of polished but not too much. The album is out by Ripple Music on vinyl and has a beautiful cover.