Death Dealer – Hallowed Ground


Let’s start with a simple question. How do you call a band featuring Ross the Boss, Sean Peck, Mike Davis and Stu Marshall? The answer is equally simple. A Supergroup! Second album for Death Dealer with this impressive line-up (after War Master in 2013) and it is obvious that this was not a firecracker but a normal and fully functioning group meant to record and tour regularly. The first thing I attempted to do right with the first spin was a comparison with its explosive predecessor. Hallowed Ground had the difficult task of succeeding a very successful debut. In this department it did great. This is definitely the continuance of War Master, the band is equally dashing and in a similar set of songs combining power metal scorchers with mid tempo heavy metal hymns. A cross between Cage and Empires of Eden is an accurate description for someone who didn’t have the chance of a previous encounter with the band. In times where we are witnessing the resurrection of sounds and genres almost 40 years old, Death Dealer is a reliant and contemporary power metal proposition.