Just by looking to the band’s name and the album title, you instantly get a pretty good picture of what these guys are all about; that is pure heavy metal sufficient enough to take you by a thunderous storm! And just wait ‘til you read with whom we are (death) dealing with here: Ross The Boss, Rhino, Stu Marshall, Sean Peck, Mike Davis! Not bad at all, right? Needless to say, that I was personally expecting nothing less that a bombastic sonic result and I was gladly surprised that my initial expectations were not only met but surpassed!

“War Master” is a breathtaking heavy metal album with speed outbursts, sensational vocal lines by Sean Peck, frenzy yet melodic guitars by Ross The Boss and Stu Marshall, tight bass lines by Mike Davis and galloping drums by Rhino that make you (almost instinctively) indulge into a constant headbanging! The songs remind of the atmosphere of those classic 80s metal albums while they are perfectly enhanced by modern production values. Especially, the title track, “Never To Kneel” and “Liberty or Death” depict astonishingly well the essence of DeatH Dealer’s debut. In a way, “War Master” reminded me of the freshness and uncompromising feeling of Judas Priest’s monumental “Painkiller”.

You must definitely check out Death Dealer and most definitely purchase the extremely tempting fan pack that is offered exclusively via the band’s site (www.deathdealer.co/site ) and in an affordable price.
Highlight: Facebook played an important role in the creation of this super group…