Death Mentality – Welcome in the Killingsphere


Let’s welcome the Austrian hardcore/death metal band Death Mentality and its first full-length album “Welcome in the Killingsphere” by Transwaved Records.

The album has 7 tracks and from the first few minutes you can feel the vibe, the hardcore attitude and the death mentality of the band. It’s a mix of brutal death and hardcore and after several listening sessions the diagnosis for this album is that this band is likely to do much more. Firstly, the production of the album is mediocre; the songs lose their passion. Guitar and bass riffs are well hidden behind the drumming blasts! To be honest, I expected more guitar riffs because Death Mentality sound like All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence, Suffokate, Despised Icon and in some tracks vocals are similar to At The Gates and Amon Amarth. I watched videos from live and I prefer the live performance!!

On the other hand, the tracks fit for a decent headbanging and especially “Scars of Insanity”, “The Enemy”, “Blackouttrip” and “Inside Us”. If you watch Death Mentality live videos you might like the band more!! Anyway, the band is about to release a brand new EP entitled “Anchors Aweigh”, according to the band’s announcements on various websites and social networks (facebook, myspace ect)…