Death Valley Knights the name, Valhalla Vintage is the title. Things are looking pretty promising. A look at the cover where berserk Vikings riding Harley Davidson bikes hunt down hopeless corporate yuppies, raises the bar even higher. The titles of the songs solidify the hunch. There is something very interesting going on here!

This is a London based band and we are looking at the second EP, after the debut that came out in 2014. I wasn’t expecting to listen to some masterpiece but Valhalla Vintage passes the test quite easily. Well played and cheerful heavy metal that simulates a mix between 3 Inches of Blood and Steel Panther under the supervision of Saxon and Judas Priest. The cheesy and cliché lyrics are a fine match to the music and the relatively small duration of the songs boosts the listening and integration process. It seems that England is making a comeback concerning classic heavy metal after many years of drought.