Def Leppard – Diamond Star Halos


Every time Def Leppard enter the studio to release a brand new album we realize -almost subconsciously- two things: a) how much we miss ‘em and b) that we’d gotten a bit older since their previous record. You see, all the Leppard fans are accustomed to the fact that their favorite band takes its time when it comes down to new music. So, it’s not surprising at all that “Diamond Star Halos” closes a 7-year gap between Leppard’s last couple of albums. But enough with my babbling…let’s cut to the chase. The first two singles (“Kick” and “Take What You Want”) were the ideal appetizers for the main dish as they were both exceptional and especially the latter one was classic Leppard in all its glory! The question remained: would the new album be equally impressive as the first singles…?

The answer to the question above depends on how someone view things and what expects really from “Diamond Star Halos”. If he wants a new “Hysteria” or “Adrenalize”, he or she’d better check the calendar…it’s 2022. It’s almost impossible that we would get to see such records ever again and I believe that the Sheffield boys don’t want to repeat themselves unless a certain producer/genius by the name Mutt Lange would work once again with Leppard. Then a U Turn could happen…

“Diamond Star Halos” is a powerful and diverse record; personally, I see it as a retrospective collection of songs of Def Leppard’s recording career…at least from 1983 up to…well up to 2015, really. So, the riff of “Take What You Want” reminds of the opening riff of “Rock Rock”, “Gimme A Kiss” could have easily fit in “Adrenalize”, “Liquid Dust” and “Open Your Eyes” have something of that “Slang” aura (and that’s a good thing), “SOS Emergency” could have a good place on “Euphoria”, “U Rok Mi” and “Lifeless” have a pop aesthetic similar to the “X” album while “All We Need” and “Unbreakable” leave some traces similar to the 2015 self-titled album. In other words, “Diamond Star Halos” is like a sonic kaleidoscope for Def Leppard that will surely please all the fans around the world.

The production is crystal clear, the overall performance impressive and the compositions great. As a fan of the band, I’d have loved to see more input by Sav and Viv and more songs in the vein of “Take What You Want”, “Gimme A Kiss”, “SOS Emergency” and “Kick” which are classic Leppard and they are most definitely the absolute highlights of the album. All in all, “Diamond Star Halos” is a great album and a fine addition to the band’s illustrious catalogue.

Highlight: The overall promotion and work behind the album shows how Universal really believes in the album…