Def Leppard release new video


Def Leppard released a video for their song “Take What You Want” from their upcoming album “Diamond Star Halos”, which will be out on May 27th via Ume.

This is the second sample of their upcoming effort, with the first being “Kick”, which was released almost a month ago.

According to the band the new album contains 15 songs and is influenced by their early heros, bands and artists like David Bowie, T.Rex and Mott The Hoople. Alison Krauss contributes lead vocals on two songs and Bowie’s pianist, Mike Garson plays on another two.

“Diamond Star Halos” track listing:

01. Take What You Want
02. Kick
03. Fire It Up
04. This Guitar (feat. Alison Krauss]

05. Sos Emergency
06. Liquid Dust
07. U Rok Mi
08. Goodbye For Good This Time
09. All We Need
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Gimme A Kiss
12. Angels (Can’t Help You Now)
13. Lifeless (feat. Alison Krauss)
14. Unbreakable
15. From Here To Eternity