Deftones – OHMS


I think Deftones is one of the bands that have earned universal respect, even from people who find it difficult to listen to anything that has come out after 1992. The constant quality of their releases, a defining frontman and keeping a safe distance from ephemeral musical trends are the characteristics that explain their wide popularity.

On ‘OHMS’, with its great cover, comprised of no less than 12.995 tiny dots, the band does not innovate, but still manages to deliver a record that’s a slight improvement over ‘Gore’, closer to 2012’s ‘Koi No Yokan’: Ten songs, no filler material, great balance between up tempo and calmer songs, between heavy metal and the occasional electronic stuff. In moments where Deftones manage to combine the two worlds, partially thanks to Chino Moreno’s versatile performances, the results showcase the atmospheric vibe and melodic sensibility of songs like ‘The Spell of Mathematics’, ‘Pompeji’, and ‘Headless’. The title track finale also stands out, while Terry Date’s production, managing to sonically homogenize such diverse material, is also worth mentioning.