Delain – Lunar Prelude


They are one of the most evolving bands of symphonic metal. Delain, Within Tempation’s “children” run a remarkable course in the music scene and they have a correct and professional orientation.

“Lunar Prelude” is a warning shot  E.P. for their upcoming full length album which raises expectations. It consists of two new tracks, an alternative version of “Don’t Let Go” from their previous successful album, “The Human Contradiction”, four live songs from the same album and “Suckerpunch” in an instrumental version. This one (in its normal version) is the first of the two new songs with a lot of air play and maybe the most uptempo they have ever written. “Turn The Lights Out” is the song that follows, also very exceptional but a little slower while the live songs offer a great listen. Here, I must pinpoint that there is a change in the sound of Delain equivalent to this of Within Temptetation’s on “Hydra”, something that becomes really obvious in the new version of “Don’t Let Go”.

Anyway, “Lunar Prelude” puts us on alert for Delain’s new album which is coming out sometime this year. I have a good feeling about this one.