Parallel to his engagement with Def Leppard and Manraze, Phil Collen sets in motion one more side that pays tribute to the old school Blues sound of the American South and is appropriately called Delta Deep. From the other members of the band, the presence of bassist Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) stands out while we must underline that the lead singer, Debbi Blackwell-Cook, is doing a phenomenal job behind the mic and her overall performance is absolutely stunning!

So what do we get by Delta Deep’s debut album? 10 original compositions that are characterized by sheer melody and emotion which leave you under the impression that you are listening to a company of blues musicians of the 40s or 50s that record in an analog; almost organic way! Phil Collen’s guitar playing is (of course) flawless and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by it because I wasn’t used to that kind of playing by Phil. To tell you the truth, his ideal mixture of rock and blues reminded me a little bit of the way that the late Steve Clark used to perform with the mighty Def Leppard in the 80s. Of notice is surely the guest appearance by David Coverdale on “Private Number” (which is quite suitable for his voice) and Joe Elliott’s duet with Debbi on the cover version of the classic Deep Purple song “Mistreated”. Last but certainly not least is Paul Cook’s and Simon Laffy’s take on the excellent cut “Black Coffee”.

If I had to use just a single word to sum up what Delta Deep is all about, that would be “quality”…and that is something that’s really missing in the musical environment nowadays.

Highlight: Debbi Blackwell-Cook is the godmother of Phil’s wife, Helen.