Denner/Shermann – Masters Of Evil


Michael Denner’s and Hank Shermann’s names will always be linked to the rich and heavy tradition of Mercyful Fate as the two guitarists have left their permanent stamp on some of the most memorable and evil riffs in metal history. Last year they have released a promising EP called “Satan’s Tomb” and all the fans of classic/technical metal were eagerly awaiting their full length opus.

Just a mere glimpse on the cover sleeve is enough to take you back to the monumental “Don’t Break The Oath” album sleeve as the stylistic references are striking obvious. From a compositional standpoint, “Masters of Evil” includes some flawless and catchy guitar riffs, Sean Peck’s voice brings in mind King Diamond and the rhythm section of Snowy Shaw * Marc Grabowski lay down the foundation for the well-crafted songs. On a positive note we should also underline the powerful production and the unheralded tribute to the 80s as the tracks remind of something in between Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest. The rather short duration of the CD and the…ehmmm…detrimental lyrical themes (Satan, reversed crosses, pentagrams, hell, devils etc.) are two points that maybe we could do without but let’s not forget that both Denner and Shermann had a successful career all these years using that kind of lyrical content.

I am of the opinion that you should definitely check 2-3 songs from the album…especially the majestic “Pentagram and the Cross”.

Highlight: There is also a video for the song “Son Of Satan”.