One more live album from the founder and for a number of years basic composer of Styx, Dennis DeYoung, who once again presents a show based on songs cued from his past band. Truth be told here, he has every right to do so as these were his songs and he was the one that help them become huge hits. I will be honest…personally. I think that DeYoung puts on a hell of a show but there is something missing. That applies, also, to Styx and their current line-up as it is more than evident that the void from De Young’s absence is huge. So, I think that it is inevitable at some point for both parties to reconsider doing a full scale reunion and put their differences aside.

“Live in Los Angeles” is a really good album, that’s the truth and nothing but the truth. It has a crystal clear sound, excellent set list, a flawless backing band and a sensational Dennis DeYoung that gives 110% on stage! There are moments that becomes plain obvious how important was DeYoung to Styx. Especially on such songs as “Mr. Roboto”, “Grand Illusion” and “Come Sail Away” where he adds the theatrical element. On the other hand, some songs like “Too Much Time On My Hands”, “Renegade” and “Crystal Ball” sound better (obviously) with Tommy Shaw although I must admit that August Zadra is doing a remarkable job on recapturing the original feeling.
Unfortunately I didn’y have the chance to watch the accompanying DVD but judging by the pure audio aspect of this release, I must underline that “Live in Los Angeles” is an absolute winner. Need I say once again, though, that it would be cool to see again a reunited version of Styx…?
Highlight: Am I the only who thinks that Dennis DeYoung looks a lot nowadays to Tony Bennett?