Depths Of Hatred Inheritance

The year was 2009 when the three-member band Depths Of Hatred was founded in Canada. But only with bass/guitar/drums they couldn’t play what they had in mind, soon a singer came in and a few years later a second guitarist. The band has so far released one EP and three full-length albums, along with the one for which this review is being written.

Their style is described as deathcore but listening to “Inheritance”, it probably isn’t true as much now as for their older works (which I listened to a bit to have a general idea), since in this one we hear something that refers much more to metalcore with their sound evolving and changing. Whether it is for better or not, this will be judged by their fans.

In the forty minutes of “Inheritance” we will find eleven tracks short in duration. The ingredients are extensive use of melody in the guitar leads, which in some places is very nice with the atmosphere that it builds, the classic breakdowns and some melodic death influences. The deathcore elements are here and there when the band is picking up speed but they have generally been left out a lot.

The vocals alternate between screams and death growls, while in refrains they usually become clean. The new singer, who joined the band last year, shows the range of his abilities in the extreme ones but the clean doesn’t sound good and require a lot of work. Fortunately, they are limited to a few points.

In general, “Inheritance” is not a bad album but I personally did not find anything that would make me listen to it again. It’s just good. That’s all. The band has added new elements to its sound with lots of melodies, but without making a difference from so many other choices for those who listen to metalcore.