Opening theme “Five elements” sounds a bit Stuart Hamm-ish… Like an episode from “Kings of sleep”… “NICE, couldn’t ask for more”… Then enters this bridge… Dude, it’s like I’m listening to “The firm” OST! Cosmic madness at large! Superfusion and various flash motifs and Jazz and deadly guitars! Naturally though, when axekillers the likes of Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Doug Aldrich, Steve Stevens and Tony MacAlpine play along!

Derek Sherinian, the huge musician, the keyboardist that played in so many albums and with so many equally amazing bands/artists, the alien music maker, has released his eleventh album. Respectively huge Simon Phillips is the other side of the coin. The two of them wrote the material, alongside with some of their guests sometimes… The two of them produced the album. Simon Phillips mixed the album, played the drums and engineered the thing. Derek Sherinian has also worked in engineering the album, along with Alex Todorov. Okay… Wait a sec… Missed the bass guitarists. Jimmy Johnson and Tony Franklin are playing bass on the album. Consequently there is no need to commend on the musicians’ skills, thank god for that.

Extra terrestrial compositions, extraordinary keys, divine ideas. Steve Vai must be still wondering. “Isn’t all that my stuff”? “Euphoria” features a really sweet backbone and a Floyd-thing spotlight here and there. Sherinian himself has stated that, regarding this album, he was influenced by Jeff Beck. Wouldn’t you say it’s about time for us to be influenced by this flying musical carpet?