Design the Skyline is a young band from Texas that has made some “bang” after signing with Victory Records. They are composing (and I use the term loosely) experimental core metal. Before releasing “Nevaeh” the band also had a video clip for a demo song called “Surrounded By Silence” which was one of the worst songs I’ve heard in 2011.
Their debut album “Nevaeh” is still not good but it is better than what they showed in “Surrounded by Silence”.  To put insult to injury they cited The Doors and Led Zeppelin as their inspirations from this album. But I find it hard to listen these influences in “Nevaeh” as most of the songs are badly written and the album as a whole has only few moments of decency.
The album has 10 songs and lasts for 30 minutes with semi melodic parts, electro intros, guitar riffs that can be heard in every other core album, childish screams and clean vocals that simply make some tracks unbearable. The drums have something interesting but still nothing to be amazed.
The song I enjoyed more in the album was the instrumental “Reverie” just because it had the least bad musical aspects mentioned.
“Nevaeh” is surely a bad album, but it is some steps forward from their first demo. Time will show if these children will grow up and create some good music.