Destroyer 666 – Wildfire


You see the name of this band. You also see the album cover. It doesn’t take long to understand what’s going on with these guys. Destroyer 666 were founded in Australia, 22 years ago, as a side-project of K.K. Warslut. After relocating for a short time in the Netherlands, they have now their base in the United Kingdom and just reached their 5th full-length album. With a new multi-cultural line-up, they deliver their latest blasphemies. K.K. from Australia is the only original member on guitars and vocals, along with R.C. from UK also on guitars and vocals, Felipe Plaza Kutzbach from Chile on bass and Per Karlsson from Sweden on drums. Their music doesn’t need muck analysis. They have nothing to prove anyway. True to their old-school sound, their black/thrash metal is a great infection to the ears. In “Wildfire” we listen to fast songs and also some mid-tempo songs with an epic feeling like “Live And Burn”, “Hound At Ya Back” and “Hymn To Dionysus”. The album will be released in every available format: Digital, CD, Deluxe CD (with a bonus track), vinyl in various colors and of course…cassette! As we said, old school…Finally, the artwork is one more time from Zbigniew Bielak (Behemoth, Ghost, Absu, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Watain among others). The fans should check this album out.