Destruction – Born To Perish


Here’s something that no-one expected from the legendary thrashers. I’m not talking about the release of a new album, this is something that they do for years now without any intention to stop. The strange thing is that they decided to add a second guitar player to the line-up. From the return of Schmier in 1999 until now and for the biggest part of their career in general, they were a three-piece band.

In my personal opinion, it was something that they had to do especially for the live performances. Even if they kill on stage (we found that out in their recent visits in Greece), the sound feels empty when Mike performs his solos. According to Schmier, they now want to raise a massive wall of guitars and I think they managed to achieve it. The riffs and solos come from every way, pounding the listener. The drums are devastating and the characteristic voice of Schmier still sounds full of rage, like he hasn’t aged a day. The new members are guitarist Damir Eskić from Switzerland and drummer Randy Black from Canada, who together form an international line-up around the two Germans.

Now, as for the album, it’s the best one they’ve released the past decade. They were always one of my favorite thrash metal bands, but their latest releases weren’t so great even if they had some memorable moments. Here things are different. “Born To Perish”, the first one that was released, is one of the best they’ve written for many years now. Excellent examples are also “Tyrants Of The Netherworld”, “Betrayal”, “Rotten” and “Filthy Wealth”. Not that the rest are beneath them, but these stand out a bit more.

Something that made a big impression on me is “Butchered For Life”. Besides the length of it (almost seven minutes), it somehow combines rock ballad with thrash metal. Unusual, but great outcome. “Fatal Flight 17” must also be noted and not only for its exceptional riffing. The lyrics are about the flight 17 of the Malaysian airlines that was shot down in the Ukraine on July 2014 and resulted in the death of 298 souls. Also, as they continue on making strange covers, this time they tried “Hellbound” from Tygers Of Pan Tang and totally nailed it.

The production is flawless and the amazing cover symbolizes the insatiable greed of people, according to Schmier. Destruction are returning with a terrific release and this shows that not only they haven’t lost a part of the flame that burns inside them, but also that 37 years after their beginning they can still record an album that can take a place in the top ones of their discography.