Destruction – Born To Thrash


Do you need introductions now? I don’t think so. In short, however, Destruction are probably in one of the best moments of their history, without any exaggeration. After thirteen studio albums (plus three more if you count the re-recordings and the…disowned one from 1998), the choice to continue as a quartet was completely justified.

Last year’s devastating “Born To Perish” is their best album of the last ten (maybe fifteen) years and what better way to celebrate this, kinda, rebirth with a live recorded release? The title “Born To Thrash” is a clear statement of their mindset, taken from an appearance at the Party San Festival in Germany on August 10 2019, just one day after the release of their latest work.

So, to the point now. Flawless sound that isn’t edited in the studio. The double guitar attack of Mike and Damir Eskić is a pleasure and of course much better than having just one guitarist, especially when playing music like thrash. The giant Schmier is ageless and with his characteristic voice he spits lyrics full of hatred. A reminder to everyone on how you must sound when you lead a thrash metal band.

Of course, I have to mention the beast Randy Black. The Canadian veteran drummer (he has played in Annihilator and Primal Fear, among others) is an unstoppable war machine. It’s not only that he plays fast, it’s also that he fills each song with a way that makes them sound massive. The result is that you don’t have enough time counting the blasts that hit your face from every side.

As for the songs? We do not have many surprises. Only two of the latest “Born To Perish” and eight other classics from the periods 1984-1987 and 2000-2001. Unfortunately, they had limited time, so they made the most of it. In the fifty-three minutes of the release, the thrash hymns of the Butchers are perfectly performed and in the end all that is left for you is an aching neck and the desire to hit the replay button.

At a time when live albums do not have the same impact as in the past, Destruction offer almost an hour of pure thrash metal for their fans. For those who for some unimaginable reason have not heard of them before, this is a great opportunity for a first…acquaintance.

Finally, there are also three songs from this show that have been released on YouTube as official videos. I do not know if they are the only ones filmed, but if not, this is a great opportunity for a DVD release. Thrash Till Death!