To be honest, I had a concern about how Destruction’s latest album would sound. This is because it is not a small thing for the only permanent member in the entire journey of the band to leave. I’m talking about the guitarist/composer Mike Sifringer. The German titans of thrash, however, stop at nothing and “Diabolical” came to confirm it without a doubt.

Of course, they were not a purely German band for several years, but now the line-up consists of members from four different countries (Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina)! Also, very interesting that they chose to continue as a quartet, since there was an immediate replacement for Mike who fitted perfectly with the others from the first concerts. As for the music, things do not need much analysis. Destruction teaches how thrash metal should be played, without changing their characteristic sound and their instantly recognizable style.

Damir Eskić and newcomer Martin Furia have a wide range of riffs, leads and solos, showing that they belong in this band. On the one hand, they have maintained to some extent the guitar style that Mike established, but they have also added their own touch, making the album have a greater variety of ideas that will keep the listener’s interest until the end. Randy Black proves to be the best drummer they ever had. Not only does he play fast, he also fills the songs so damn good that you hear a wall of drums in the background.

As for Schmier the giant, what can I say? 55 years old and has the same rage, intensity and passion since the band started in the distant 1983. “Diabolical” is a fast thrash metal album, with very few mid-tempo moments, with old-school mentality and modern production. If you put it next to “Born To Perish” (2019), where the comparison is inevitable, it is at least at the same level. Whether it surpasses it or not, has to do with everyone’s personal taste. The only thing for sure is that Destruction, almost forty years after they were founded, are still killing it. Thrash Till Death!

P.S.: The cover of “City Baby Attacked By Rats” by punk legends GBH is also very interesting.