What we get here is the debut album by a newly formed band called Devil’s Train and before you start searching all over the net about them, let me tell you that this is essentially RD Liapakis’ group who collaborated with a much respected Greek guitarist, Laki Ragazas for a bunch of songs that led to this record. Devil’s Train puzzle was completed with the addition of two familiar figures in the metal community who once crossed paths in the power metal outfit of Stratovarius. I am talking about Jorg Michael and Jari Kainuainen and one can easily gather that this is more or less a super band although I must confess that I am not a big fan of that term.

All the Mystic Prophecy fans and the lovers of the pure heavy metal sound will surely recognize Liapakis’ raspy voice but don’t expect anything similar or even at the same vicinity with what the renowned musician/producer has been involved all these years. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense, right? On the contrary, Devil’s Train is a blues-based hard rock band with a sonic atmosphere that refers immediately to the late 80s and to such outfits as Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Badlands just to name a few.

With a flawless performance by all the members and groovy, well crafted songs empowered by a crystal clear production, Devil’s Train deliver not only a truly remarkable album but most importantly a brilliant debut release that aims –at least, from my perspective- to take us back in 1989-90 and the American blues rock realm. This is definitely a nostalgic record that we all need nowadays…

Highlight: “Find New Love”, “Room 66-64”.