The Devil’s Train is back for its third ride kicking serious ass. The only band member that’s present except from the singer RD Liapakis, is the drummer, Jörg Michael, who I am sure you know from his days in Stratovarius. New recruits Dan Baune (guitar) and Jens Becker (bass) are battle tested and very experienced as they show us from the… kick-off.

If I had to compare this album with the previous two I have to say that this one takes the lead, because it sounds more mature, rich and more diverse. You get that even from the first note that it’s a roar from the bass, while its title, “The Devil & The Blues”, is self-descriptive and the lyrics plain and simple: “Under the moon give me a bang, bang… Boom”, got it? Seems like the 10th anniversary of the band had the best album in store. What’s characteristic is that even the slower tempo songs bring out an intense feeling and passion, like for example “You Promised Me Love” that winks to Whitesnake. The guitar solos are truly amazing. While the album’s advantage is the wide range of its sound that flirts with rock’n’roll on “More”, that makes you wanna dance, grooves on “In The Heart Of The Night” and doesn’t hesitate to show it’s hair metal influences on “Hold The Line”. You can add to that the cover of “Word Up”, which is the icing to a very delicious cake.

The work on the choruses is amazing, making each song easy to grasp and catchy as the flu. The variety in the sound and it’s organic feel plays a very important role. It’s almost like you are watching the band live playing in front of you. By the way, when is this going to happen?