Anyone who decides to lend his ears to Dibbukim must be ready for something strange and unique. The last few years there is a great fuss about the “folk metal” genre. Bands that stand out from this genre are Korpiklaani and Turisas. Dibbukim make that kind of music, but they make it in the Yiddish dialect!!!!

The bands debut albums is entitled “Az a Foygl un a Goylem Tantsn” which translates “As a Bird and a Golem Dances” (or something like that, my Yiddish is a little rusty). The album consists of 12 songs, 7 of which are transcribed poems, stories and songs of Jewish history. The 5 remaining songs are original compositions of “Dibbukim”

Magnus Woglfart     is the main composer of the band since he plays all of the guitars, keys and bass guitar. He has created some really beautiful compositions that perfectly fit the theme of each song.

Τhe theme of the album varies. It contains parts of musicals, lullabies, stories about gnomes, stories about Jewish kings, and of course … for a drink! Essentially it is a “folk metal” album, in Yiddish.

The production of the album is not the best it could be. In some cases the vocals (and especially the female vocals) do not sound well with the rest of music especially when the music becomes intense. Also the resulted sound in some lead guitar parts is quite bad.

Finally the album’s cover is really exceptional. It seems to be hand designed and it presents the title of the album in a really nice and unique way. I would really have enjoyed the rest of the booklet if it was designed in the same way.

The first impression of the debut album of “Dibbukim” is great. They represent something different and they incorporate it successfully in the “Folk Metal” genre.