A listening session of a new album isn’t ideal to come up with secure conclusions. Especially when the album is “loaded” with things that we can’t catch with the first listening, we have to wait its release in order to listen it again and again.

Dimlight hosted the media at the impressive “Sondflakes Studio” in order to present their third studio album “The Lost Chapters” which is to be released soon by Five Star Records.

It is a concept album based on Egyptian Mythology. With the first listening I realized that the album’s atmosphere refers to an Egyptian ambiance and gives the impression of a well-crafted album, consisted of orchestras, narratives and countless variations of its musical themes. In terms of music, we can label it “complete”, it seems to have its own “identity”. However, I couldn’t pick out a track with the first listening.

According to the band, the first version of the CD will include a novel with the story of “The Lost Chapters”. It is a very good idea, however we must wait for the release of the album in order to say more and more detailed in its review.

Dimitris Kazantzis